IJCAS VOLUME 11 (see content)


Volume 11. Anticipation, Incursion, Logics, and Epistemology; Physical, Quantum, and Relativist Systems; Mathematical Systems and Anticipatory Engineering. Partial Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference CASYS'01 on Computing Anticipatory Systems, Liège, Belgium, August 13-18, 2001, D. M. Dubois (Ed.),


Publ. by CHAOS, 2002. ISSN 1373-5411 ISBN 2-9600262-5-X


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Copie de IJCAS-11

Preface by Daniel M. Dubois IJCAS Volume 11






Some Foundational Issues Concerning Anticipatory Systems

Ronald Chrisley (United Kingdom)

VOL 11 1/ Anticipation, Incursion, Logics, and Epistemology


Knowledge Manifestation in Biological Systems Dynamics

V. V. Barkaline, I. A. Miklashevich (Belarus)                                                                                           


Forecasting and Backcasting to Manage the Changes: an Anticipatory View

Nicola Bianchi, Giuseppe Soncin (Italy)                                                                                                               


A Strictly Dynamic Notational Language for Science

C. A. Hilgartner (USA)


Anticipation and Hyperincursion in Belief Formation Based on Evidence

Tetsuya Murai, Yoshiharu Sato (Japan)


Proofs of Nonconsequence as Abstract Design in Hyperproof

Ichiro Nagasaka, Yuzuru Kakuda (Japan)


Anticipation as a Consequence of the Assignement of Meaning

Hanns J. Sommer (Germany)


Referon Analysis : pReference of Reference

Otto van Nieuwenhuijze (the Netherlands)


The Relationship of the Human Brain and the Dimensionality of Space-Time

Barry R. Zeeberg (USA)

VOL 11 2/ Physical, Quantum, and Relativist Systems

The Harmonic Oscillator via the Discrete Path Approach

 Adel F. Antippa, Daniel M. Dubois (Canada, Belgium) 


Quantum Functional Devices and Quantum Computing

Hiroyuki Araki, Tadashi Ae (Japan)


Submicroscopic Deterministic Quantum Mechanics

Volodymyr Krasnoholovets (Ukraine)


The Theory of Infinite Momentum Frames (continued

Gilles Nibart (France)


A new Approach to Unification of Potential Fields Using GLT Model

Branco Novakovic, Dario Novakovic, Alen Novakovic (Croatia)


New Reaction Mechanism in Heavy Ion Reaction

Domitian Popescu (France)


High Velocity Particles From Nuclear Fusion

Domitian Popescu (France)


A Possible Symmetry Between Bradyons and Tachyons

 Jacques J. Steyaert (Belgium)


An Outside View of Space and Time

Franz-Guenter Winkler (Austria)

VOL 11 3/ Mathematical Systems and Anticipatory Engineering


Forecasts Modeling in Industrial Applications Based
on Artificial Intelligence Techniques

G. Bruzzone, Roberto Mosca, Alexandra Orsoni, Roberto Revetria (Italy)


Uncertain Logics, Variables and Systems

Zdzislav Bubnicki (Poland)


Optimized Anticipatory Control Applied to Electric Power Systems

Thomas E. Fieno, D. T. Bargiotas, Lefteri H. Tsoukalas (USA, Greece, USA)


Ressource Group Inclusion in Different Hierarchial Levels
in Industry, and Variety Considerations of its Steering Activities

John Fogelholm (Finland)


Evolutionary Systems for Industrial Design

Ewa Grabska (Poland)


Kolmogorov-Sinai Entropy and Lyapunov Exponents Related
to Information and Transport Processes

M. Kheilova, M. Strunc, Frantisek Solc (Czech Republic)


Software for Simulation of Anticipatory Production Systems

Ivan Krivy, Eugène Kindler, Alain Tanguy (Czech Republic, France)


Modelling the Approximation Hierarchy to Optimisation Problems
Through Category Theory

Liara A. S. Leal, Dalcidio M. Claudio, Paulo Blauth Menezes, Laira V. Toscani (Brazil)


State Estimation of Stochastic Systems with Cost for Observation

Nicholas A. Nechval, Konstantin N. Nechval, Edgars K. Vasermanis (Latvia)


Inertia and its Implication in Technology

Emil Pop, Monica Leba (Romania)


Pseudo Information Divergences Defined on the Family
of Specific Probability Distributions

Hiroyuki Shioya, Tsutomu Da-te (Japan)


Predicting Water Demand in a Small Mediterranean Country

Jaroslav Sklenar (Malta)


Transitions in Conceptual Time Systems

Karl Erich Wolff (Germany)


An Intuitively Simple Property of Limit Figures of Quadratic Transformations

Takeshi Yoshikawa, Tsutomu Da-te, Hidetoshi Nonaka (Japan)


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IJCAS Volume 12 (see content)


Volume 12. Soft Computing and Computational Intelligence; Cognitive, Neural, and Psychoanalytical Anticipation; Computer Science, Data and Knowledge Systems. Partial Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference CASYS'01 on Computing Anticipatory Systems, Liège, Belgium, August 13-18, 2001, D. M. Dubois (Ed.),


Publ. by CHAOS, 2002. ISSN 1373-5411 ISBN 2-9600262-6-8


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Copie de IJCAS-12

Preface by Daniel M. Dubois IJCAS Volume 12






Software Systems Evolution, Free Will and Hyperincursivity

J. J. Torres-Carbonell, J. Parets-Llorca (Spain), Daniel M. Dubois (Belgium)

VOL 12 1/ Soft Computing and Computational Intelligence


A Logical System for Reasoning with Inconsistent Deontic Modalities

 Jair Minoro Abe, João Inácio Da Silva Filho (Brazil), K. Nakamatsu (Japan)


Brain Agent Model using Vector State Machine

Tadashi Ae, Keiichi Sakai, Hiroyuki Araki (Japan)


Modeling Brain States and Functions with a Chaotic Neural Network

Vladimir E. Bondarenko (USA)


A Reinforcement Learning Method Supported by a Bayesian Network

Daisuke Kitakoshi, Hiroyuki Shioya, Tsutomu Da-te (Japan)


Intelligent System Architectures with Wrappings

Christopher Landauer, Kirstie L. Bellman (USA)


Fuzzy Techniques in Image Processing : Three Case Studies

Mike Nachtegael, Dietrich Van Der Weken, Etienne E. Kerre (Belgium)


The Columbus Model : Part I

Ephraim Nissan (United Kingdom)


The Columbus Model: Part II

Ephraim Nissan (United Kingdom)


Towards Thought as a Logical Picture of Signs

Janos J. Sarbo, S. Hoppenbrouwers, J. I. Farkas (The Netherlands)


Eccentric Anticipation: Fractal Geometry in Sensori-Motor Activitiy

Cornelius A. Steckner (Germany)


Choosing the Parameter of Regularized MP-Inverses by Modified SIC in Image Restoration Problems

Akira Tanaka, Hideyuki Imai, Masaaki Miyakoshi (Japan)

VOL 12 2/ Cognitive, Neural, and Psychoanalytical Anticipation


Anticipation as Exercising (Language) Motor Programs During Dreams.
A Neuropsychoanalytical Hypothesis

Ariane Bazan, Filip Geerardyn, Veroniek Knockaert,
David Van Bunder, Gertrudis Van de Vijver (Belgium)


Q-EEG NeuroBioFeedback: Theoretical Foundations and Anticipatory Properties

Michel Bounias (France)


What is Autonomy?

John D. Collier (Australia)


Anticipation, the Subject and the Partial Object. A Psychoanalytic Approach

Filip Geerardyn, Veroniek Knockaert, Gertrudis Van de Vijver,
David Van Bunder, Ariane Bazan (Belgium)


Sheaf Cohomology of Conscious Entity

Goro Kato (USA)


Anticipation, Memory and Attention in the Early Works of Freud

Veroniek Knockaert, Filip Geerardyn, Gertrudis Van de Vijver,
David Van Bunder, Ariane Bazan (Belgium)


Neural Network Modeling of Learning of Contextual Constraints on Adaptive Anticipations

Frédéric Lavigne, Sylvain Denis (France)


Time Analysis on a Communication Process

Giovanna Morgavi, Fabrizio Manca (Italy)


Anticipation of Affective Influence of Visual Effects

Toshioki Soga, Hidetoshi Nonaka, Tsutomu Da-te (Japan)


The Return of the Repressed Anticipation and the Logic of the Signifier

David Van Bunder, Veroniek Knockaert, Gertrudis Van de Vijver,
Filip Geerardyn, Ariane Bazan (Belgium)


Anticipation and Identification: a Comment on Lacan's "Mirror Stage"

Gertrudis Van de Vijver, Veroniek Knockaert, David Van Bunder,
Ariane Bazan, Filip Geerardyn (Belgium)

VOL 12 3/ Computer Science, Data and Knowledge Systems


Simulating Inconsistencies in a Paraconsistent Logic Controller

Jair Minoro Abe, João Inácio Da Silva Filho (Brazil)


An Approach to Evaluation on the Accuracy of the Knowledge Bases Applied to Diagnosis Systems

Isabel Aguiló Pons, Gabriel Fiol Roig (Spain)


Power of the Nets in Algorithmic

Jean-Alphonse Doucet (Belgium)


Method of Elastic Maps and its Applications in Data Visualization and Data Modeling

Alexander N. Gorban (Russia), A. Yu Zinovyev (France)


Models of Aristotelian Concepts in Computer Programming

Eugene Kindler (Czech Republic)


Knowledge Anticipation on Agents Relationship in the Geometry Proof System

Márcia Rodrigues Notare, Júlio Pereira Machado, Tiarajú A. Diverio, Paulo Blauth Menezes (Brazil)


Theory of Outformation

Jaromir Zly (Czech Republic)


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IJCAS Volume 13 (see content)


Volume 13. Evolution and Anticipation of Living and Social Systems; Anticipatory Decision and Planning in Economy; The Anticipatory Quantum Biosphere, Learning from Nature. Partial Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference CASYS'01 on Computing Anticipatory Systems, Liège, Belgium, August 13-18, 2001, D. M. Dubois (Ed.),


Publ. by CHAOS, 2002. ISSN 1373-5411 ISBN 2-9600262-7-6


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Copie de IJCAS-13

Preface by Daniel M. Dubois IJCAS Volume 13




This third volume contains the last part of the partial proceedings of the papers presented at the Fifth International Conference CASYS'01 on Computing Anticipatory Systems.


CASYS'01 was enhanced with the following Personalities of the Honorary Committee:


Dr Claude Ancion, Député-Bourgmestre de Sprimont

Dr Daniel Bacquelaine, Député-Bourgmestre de Chaudfontaine

Paul Bolland, Gouverneur de la Province de Liège  

Michel Daerden, Ministre du Budget, du Logement, de l'Equipement et des Travaux publics du Gouvernement wallon, Professeur à HEC-Liège

Dr Ir Nicolas M. Dehousse, Professeur Emérite de l'Université de Liège, Président du Comité de l'Académie Royale de Belgique pour les Applications de la Science

Marc Dubru, Directeur-Président de HEC-Liège

Michel Foret, Ministre de l'Aménagement du Territoire, de l'Urbanisme et de l'Environnement du Gouvernement wallon

Jean-Pierre Grafé, Député, Ancien Ministre

Serge Kubla, Vice-Président du Gouvernement wallon et Ministre de l'Economie, des PME, de la Recherche et des Technologies Nouvelles

Hector Magotte, Echevin de la Culture, des Musées et des Arts et des Lettres de la Ville de Liège

Dr Ir Franz Monfort, Professeur Emérite de l'Université de Liège 

Didier Reynders, Ministre des Finances du Gouvernement fédéral, Professeur à HEC-Liège

Jean-Marie Roberti, Directeur du Service du Protocole, des Relations Extérieures, de l'Information et de la Presse de la Ville de Liège

Ir Paul Schoemans, Ancien Secrétaire Général de l'AILg, Association des Ingénieurs Diplômés par l'Université de Liège

Jean-Claude Van Cauwenberghe, Ministre Président du Gouvernement wallon

Guy Verhofstadt, Premier Ministre du Gouvernement Fédéral


Professor Dr George L. Farre (USA) is thanked for having given his time as Vice-President of CASYS'01. He is a very busy man who flies around the world for the promotion of science.


Dr Peter J. Marcer, the Cybernetic Machine Group of The British Computer Society, organized the Special Symposium "The Anticipatory Quantum Biosphere, Learning from Nature". This issue also contains some papers presented in his symposium.


The next Conference CASYS'03 will take place in Liège, Belgium, August 11-19, 2003. Emeritus Professor Robert Vallée (France), Director of the World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics, WOSC, accepted to be the Vice-President of this future event.



Daniel M. Dubois,

Director of asbl CHAOS,

President of CASYS.








The Hamiltonian of Live: an Anticipatory Operator of Evolution

Michel Bounias (France)



VOL 13 1/ Evolution and Anticipation of Living and Social Systems

Simulating Adaptation to Environmental Change:
Complexity and Organized Behaviour Within Environmental Bounds (COBWEB)

Brad Bass, Jeff Hill, Nina Suh (Canada)


A New Fuzziness Approach  Upon the Operative Actions

Nicolae Bulz (Romania)


CODING-DECODING as General Anticipatory Principle
of Bio-Systems Functional Organization

Dobilas Kirvelis (Lithuania)


The Seeds of Life

Vladimir F. Levchenko (Russia)


Anticipating in Modelling of Social Systems - Neuronets
with Internal Structure and Multivaluedness

Alexander Makarenko (Ukraine)


Introducing Social Anticipation in Computing Systems -
Exemplified by a Cybernetic Model of Social Search Systems

Michael Paulsen, Lars Ekholm (Denmark)


Anticipating Systems - An Application to the Possible Futures of Contemporary Society

Eric Schwarz (Switzerland)


Modelling and Effect of Anticipation and Perseverance in Human Behaviour

Rudolf Starkermann (Switzerland)

VOL 13 2/ Anticipatory Decision and Planning in Economy

Proper Anticipation Conditions for Globalization Processes Planning

Wiktor H. Adamkiewicz (Poland)   


Anticipation of Market Opportunities

Majda  (Slovenia)


New Approaches to Soft Anticipatory Design for Spatial Decision Support Systems

Anita Häkansson, Viveca Asproth (Sweden)


Soft Anticipatory Computing for Spatial Decision Support

Stig C. Holmberg (Sweden)


Assessment of Product Profitability

Jouko Karjalainen (Finland)


System Approach To Modelling of Complex Systems with Special Regards
to Inter-Organisational Systems

Miroljub Kljajic, Tadeja Jere Lazanski (Slovenia)


Anticipatory Simulation for Policy Support - Design and Modelling
for Guided Societal Change and Evolution

Hellmut Löckenhoff (Germany)


Local Robustness Between Macrodynamic Data and Microdynamic Context in the Economy

Koichiro Matsuno, Koichi Hirano (Japan)


VOL 13 3/ The Anticipatory Quantum Biosphere, Learning from Nature


  Third Symposium organised by Dr Peter J. Marcer

The British Computer Society: The Cybernetic Machines Group



Fractal Structure in DNA Code and Human Language:
Towards a Semiotics of Biogenetic Information

Peter P. Gariaev, Boris I. Birshtein, Alexander M. Iarochenko, Georg G. Tertishny,
Katherine A. Leonova (Canada), Uwe Kaempf (Germany), Peter J. Marcer (France)


Kant, the two Stages of Visual Search, Quantum Mechanics and Antimatter

Uri Fidelman (Israel)


The Doubling Theory Could Explain the Homeopathy

Jean-Pierre Garnier-Malet, Philippe Bobola (France)


Locality, Weak or Strong Anticipation and Quantum Computing. I.
Non-locality in Quantum Theory

Michael A. Heather, B. Nick Rossiter (United Kingdom)


Locality, Weak or Strong Anticipation and Quantum Computing. II.
Constructivism with Category Theory

Michael A. Heather, B. Nick Rossiter (United Kingdom)


Self-reference, the Dimensionality and Scale of Quantum Mechanical Effects,
Critical Phenomena, and Qualia

Peter J. Marcer (France), Edgar D. Mitchell (USA), Walter Schempp (Germany)


Quantum Coherence as a Marker of Synchronous Time
and Its Implication on Consciousness Acting in the Brain

Koichiro Matsuno (Japan)


A Computational Study of Reconstruction (from Partial Data) and Anticipation
Capabilities of an Associative Neural Net with Large Stored Data-Base

Mitja Perus (Slovenia)


Spectroscopy of Consciousness

Matti Pitkänen (Finland)


Learning from Water, a Possible Quantum Computing Medium

Cyril W. Smith (England)


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