VOL 13 2/ Anticipatory Decision and Planning in Economy

Proper Anticipation Conditions for Globalization Processes Planning

Wiktor H. Adamkiewicz (Poland)   


Anticipation of Market Opportunities

Majda  (Slovenia)


New Approaches to Soft Anticipatory Design for Spatial Decision Support Systems

Anita Häkansson, Viveca Asproth (Sweden)


Soft Anticipatory Computing for Spatial Decision Support

Stig C. Holmberg (Sweden)


Assessment of Product Profitability

Jouko Karjalainen (Finland)


System Approach To Modelling of Complex Systems with Special Regards
to Inter-Organisational Systems

Miroljub Kljajic, Tadeja Jere Lazanski (Slovenia)


Anticipatory Simulation for Policy Support - Design and Modelling
for Guided Societal Change and Evolution

Hellmut Löckenhoff (Germany)


Local Robustness Between Macrodynamic Data and Microdynamic Context in the Economy

Koichiro Matsuno, Koichi Hirano (Japan)


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