VOL 13 1/ Evolution and Anticipation of Living and Social Systems

Simulating Adaptation to Environmental Change:
Complexity and Organized Behaviour Within Environmental Bounds (COBWEB)

Brad Bass, Jeff Hill, Nina Suh (Canada)


A New Fuzziness Approach  Upon the Operative Actions

Nicolae Bulz (Romania)


CODING-DECODING as General Anticipatory Principle
of Bio-Systems Functional Organization

Dobilas Kirvelis (Lithuania)


The Seeds of Life

Vladimir F. Levchenko (Russia)


Anticipating in Modelling of Social Systems - Neuronets
with Internal Structure and Multivaluedness

Alexander Makarenko (Ukraine)


Introducing Social Anticipation in Computing Systems -
Exemplified by a Cybernetic Model of Social Search Systems

Michael Paulsen, Lars Ekholm (Denmark)


Anticipating Systems - An Application to the Possible Futures of Contemporary Society

Eric Schwarz (Switzerland)


Modelling and Effect of Anticipation and Perseverance in Human Behaviour

Rudolf Starkermann (Switzerland)

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