VOL 12 3/ Computer Science, Data and Knowledge Systems


Simulating Inconsistencies in a Paraconsistent Logic Controller

Jair Minoro Abe, João Inácio Da Silva Filho (Brazil)


An Approach to Evaluation on the Accuracy of the Knowledge Bases Applied to Diagnosis Systems

Isabel Aguiló Pons, Gabriel Fiol Roig (Spain)


Power of the Nets in Algorithmic

Jean-Alphonse Doucet (Belgium)


Method of Elastic Maps and its Applications in Data Visualization and Data Modeling

Alexander N. Gorban (Russia), A. Yu Zinovyev (France)


Models of Aristotelian Concepts in Computer Programming

Eugene Kindler (Czech Republic)


Knowledge Anticipation on Agents Relationship in the Geometry Proof System

Márcia Rodrigues Notare, Júlio Pereira Machado, Tiarajú A. Diverio, Paulo Blauth Menezes (Brazil)


Theory of Outformation

Jaromir Zly (Czech Republic)


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