VOL 11 3/ Mathematical Systems and Anticipatory Engineering


Forecasts Modeling in Industrial Applications Based
on Artificial Intelligence Techniques

G. Bruzzone, Roberto Mosca, Alexandra Orsoni, Roberto Revetria (Italy)


Uncertain Logics, Variables and Systems

Zdzislav Bubnicki (Poland)


Optimized Anticipatory Control Applied to Electric Power Systems

Thomas E. Fieno, D. T. Bargiotas, Lefteri H. Tsoukalas (USA, Greece, USA)


Ressource Group Inclusion in Different Hierarchial Levels
in Industry, and Variety Considerations of its Steering Activities

John Fogelholm (Finland)


Evolutionary Systems for Industrial Design

Ewa Grabska (Poland)


Kolmogorov-Sinai Entropy and Lyapunov Exponents Related
to Information and Transport Processes

M. Kheilova, M. Strunc, Frantisek Solc (Czech Republic)


Software for Simulation of Anticipatory Production Systems

Ivan Krivy, Eugène Kindler, Alain Tanguy (Czech Republic, France)


Modelling the Approximation Hierarchy to Optimisation Problems
Through Category Theory

Liara A. S. Leal, Dalcidio M. Claudio, Paulo Blauth Menezes, Laira V. Toscani (Brazil)


State Estimation of Stochastic Systems with Cost for Observation

Nicholas A. Nechval, Konstantin N. Nechval, Edgars K. Vasermanis (Latvia)


Inertia and its Implication in Technology

Emil Pop, Monica Leba (Romania)


Pseudo Information Divergences Defined on the Family
of Specific Probability Distributions

Hiroyuki Shioya, Tsutomu Da-te (Japan)


Predicting Water Demand in a Small Mediterranean Country

Jaroslav Sklenar (Malta)


Transitions in Conceptual Time Systems

Karl Erich Wolff (Germany)


An Intuitively Simple Property of Limit Figures of Quadratic Transformations

Takeshi Yoshikawa, Tsutomu Da-te, Hidetoshi Nonaka (Japan)


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