VOL 11 2/ Physical, Quantum, and Relativist Systems

The Harmonic Oscillator via the Discrete Path Approach

 Adel F. Antippa, Daniel M. Dubois (Canada, Belgium) 


Quantum Functional Devices and Quantum Computing

Hiroyuki Araki, Tadashi Ae (Japan)


Submicroscopic Deterministic Quantum Mechanics

Volodymyr Krasnoholovets (Ukraine)


The Theory of Infinite Momentum Frames (continued

Gilles Nibart (France)


A new Approach to Unification of Potential Fields Using GLT Model

Branco Novakovic, Dario Novakovic, Alen Novakovic (Croatia)


New Reaction Mechanism in Heavy Ion Reaction

Domitian Popescu (France)


High Velocity Particles From Nuclear Fusion

Domitian Popescu (France)


A Possible Symmetry Between Bradyons and Tachyons

 Jacques J. Steyaert (Belgium)


An Outside View of Space and Time

Franz-Guenter Winkler (Austria)

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