VOL 11 1/ Anticipation, Incursion, Logics, and Epistemology


Knowledge Manifestation in Biological Systems Dynamics

V. V. Barkaline, I. A. Miklashevich (Belarus)                                                                                           


Forecasting and Backcasting to Manage the Changes: an Anticipatory View

Nicola Bianchi, Giuseppe Soncin (Italy)                                                                                                               


A Strictly Dynamic Notational Language for Science

C. A. Hilgartner (USA)


Anticipation and Hyperincursion in Belief Formation Based on Evidence

Tetsuya Murai, Yoshiharu Sato (Japan)


Proofs of Nonconsequence as Abstract Design in Hyperproof

Ichiro Nagasaka, Yuzuru Kakuda (Japan)


Anticipation as a Consequence of the Assignement of Meaning

Hanns J. Sommer (Germany)


Referon Analysis : pReference of Reference

Otto van Nieuwenhuijze (the Netherlands)


The Relationship of the Human Brain and the Dimensionality of Space-Time

Barry R. Zeeberg (USA)

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